Project Description

Update a determined property for all users exist in database of MOSS users profiles.

In this case, we update the user profiles of MOSS 2007 with picture user if exist.

All this logic is codified, in the case of waiting change it, that would change the value of constant PROPERTY with the name of other property.

public const string PROPERTY = "PictureURL";

We take the NT User [Display name], we search the file of photo in shared address (tCheck), and if exist, we update the user profile with the URL Picture (tLiteral).

This application will be run in server for the use the Object Model of Sharepoint.


Public Name (internal name of TextBox) : Description of parameter.

Server URL tURL): Address of server where MOSS Installed.

How to check (tCheck): Unit of shared files, where contain pictures to profiles.

Picture URL (tLiteral): URL address of picture. This is the URL for update the user profile.

{0}.jpg: Is a variable with user name, so the image has to call with the same name as the user.

Log File:

Finally, the application exit a log file with all users processed, number of user updated and number of pictures users not found.

Also writes line with message for every user.

This log uses a library SISIberica.Utilities.Log.dll developed by SIS Department of SOLVAY Iberica.

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